Sat 7/21

Alternative Stage


If Lollapalooza were to have an original soundtrack, The Blaze would nail it. In old French slang, blaze means name and the French duo are making a name for themselves by creating hypnotizing music and videos that resemble mini films, ambient and visceral at the same time. Even Moonlight director Barry Jenkins is a fan of the duetting cousins. Guillaume and Jonathan Alric both grew up in the countryside. While his parents listened mostly to classical, Guillaume was a fan of reggae and produced his own dub music under the moniker Mayd Hubb. Jonathan, studying film in Brussels, asked him to soundtrack the film he was making for class - The Blaze was formed and their first video "Virile", featured on their EP Territory, debuted in 2016. A very fitting title as they evoke a lot of bromance and male relationships in general in their fusion of sound and strong visuals, influenced by Ken Loach, Andrea Arnold's "American Honey", Alejandro Iñárritu's "Amores Perros" and the French classic "Going Places". Both cousins lend their vocals to their house and pop aesthetic and are working on a new album and video, surely a prelude to something even more explosive.

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