Convenient and fast, this 100% secure system
allows you to pay for all your purchases during the festival.


No need to search for your wallet or coins at the bottom of your pockets.
Result: the waiting time at the various points of sale decreases significantly...

All transactions are done through the NFC chip integrated into the bracelet. No risk of losing your money...

Try the festival merch in Augmented Reality in the SNAPCHAT app before you buy. Lens Merch sales are reserved exclusively for Lollapalooza Paris ticket holders and to pick up on festival site at the MERCHANDISING stand near the Eiffel Tower.



Your "Cashless" bracelet is the means to pay for your purchases at all festival points of sale. To pay for your order, simply pass your bracelet over the payment terminal. After each transaction, your account balance will be provided to you.  


- If you haven't created an account beforehand, DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR BRACELET as it will be used for refunds.

- Your "Cashless" bracelet is an electronic wallet. It is not linked to your bank account. You cannot be debited beyond the amount you have credited.


- Once I have purchased my ticket, I can choose to create my Cashless account and top it up before arriving at the festival.

- To create my account, I provide my personal information and banking details on the module found in the Cashless section of the website (add URL).

- The barcode number on my ticket will be required to create my account.

- If I create my Cashless account before the festival, the credited amount will be transferred to my Cashless bracelet when scanning my ticket upon arrival at the festival for quicker processing.


Where can I pick up my Cashless bracelet?

- If I have created and topped up my account before coming to the festival, the loaded bracelet will be given to me directly at the entrance when scanning my ticket.

- If I haven't created and topped up my account before coming to the festival, I can use the bracelet that will be provided to me upon scanning my ticket. I can scan the QR code on my bracelet or anywhere on the site to top it up using my smartphone and debit/credit card.

- Activation of your Cashless account incurs a €1 fee (only during your first top-up).

How and where can I use my Cashless bracelet?

- Cashless is accepted at all festival and camping stands (food, bars, merchandise).

- To pay for my purchases, I simply present my Cashless bracelet to the vendor, who can process the payment by simply making contact with a Cashless payment terminal.

- The total amount of my order will be indicated before payment.

- The remaining balance in my account will be displayed at the end of the transaction.

What do I do if I run out of credit?

- If I haven't created my cashless account: I can scan the QR code on my wristband or anywhere on site at any time to top it up via my smartphone.

- If I have created my cashless account: I can also top up my account directly from my smartphone on the website or via a computer or tablet between two festival days.


- If there is any money left on your BRACELET, you can request a refund for your balance from 24/07/2023 - 08:00 AM to 07/08/2023 - 23:59 PM.

This can only be done via bank transfer and will require the 6-letter code present on the chip of your BRACELET.


- If you have created a Cashless account:
To request a refund for your balance, simply log in to your account through the festival website and click on the refund button. Your credit card will be credited with your balance before the end of the month.

- If you haven't created a Cashless account:
In order to request a refund for your balance, you must create a Cashless account. It's simple: visit the festival website, go to the Cashless tab. From there, create your Cashless account by providing your first name, last name, email, password, the 6-letter code present on the chip of your BRACELET, and your card details.
Once logged in to your account, click on the refund button. Your credit card will be credited with your balance before the end of the month.

- No refund requests will be accepted after the deadline.

Why create a Cashless account?

- It allows me to check my remaining balance at any time.

- It allows me to replace my bracelet in case of loss or theft.

- It provides access to the history of my purchases and the ability to download receipts.

- It allows me to request a refund for the remaining balance at the end of the festival.

IMPORTANT: If I don't create my Cashless account, I cannot retrieve the remaining funds on my bracelet in case of loss or theft.
It is highly recommended to create a Cashless account, but it is not mandatory. Whether I have created an account or not, I can top up my bracelet independently using the QR code on my bracelet throughout the festival or with the assistance of a Cashless representative.

please contact us at


What happens if my bracelet is lost or stolen?

If you have created an account on the event website, you can request that your wristband be blocked by going to the Cashless Info area.

You can create an account :

- Either before you go to the festival, by entering your ticket number: you'll get your wristband back at the festival entrance, already loaded.

- Or after picking up your wristband at the entrance, by entering your wristband number on the website from your smartphone.

This identification operation is necessary to block your wristband. If you have not created an account or associated your wristband, it cannot be blocked.

Your bracelet is like your wallet: if you lose it, the money stored in it will also be lost.

Do I have to create an account?

No, you can recharge your wristband via the QR code on the wristband using your smartphone, or by going to the cashless area on the festival site.

Your bracelet remains completely anonymous.

Please note: in this case, your wristband cannot be replaced in the event of loss or theft.

Is it possible to use a bracelet from another event?

No, it is not possible to use any other wristband than the one provided during the event.

Do I have to pay for the bracelet?

No, you don't have to pay for your card, but a €1 fee is deducted from your first top-up.

How can I check the balance of my bracelet?

If you have created an account, you can check your balance on the event website, or ask anyone equipped with a cashless payment terminal for your balance.

I have several day tickets. Do I need to create an account for each day?

No, just one account is enough! You'll need to remember to use the barcode number of the ticket for the first day I'm coming, so that my balance is given as soon as my ticket is scanned.

Can I share an account with several people?

It is possible to manage different balances from a single account. Simply create as many wallets as you like from your account (a button at the top left of the module allows you to do this).

A single bank card will be used for all wallets, and the amounts are specific to each wallet: you won't be able to transfer money from one to another.