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Use the form below to send us your contact details if you've lost an item at Lollapalooza Paris, July 21, 22 and 23, 2023. Please fill in the form with a clear and complete description of your lost item. You have until August 19 to return this form to us and collect your item from the Live Nation office, after which date all unrecovered items will go to the Paris Lost & Found.



The 2023 edition of Lollapalooza Paris festival will take place on the Hippodrome ParisLongchamp on July 21, 22 and 23, 2023.


Pay your drinks and purchases cashless, the only way to pay on the festival. Come to Lollapalooza Paris without a wallet thanks to this 100% secure payment system!

More information to come.


You can find the Lollapalooza Paris 2023 application and all the information about how it works on the dedicated page:



The festival takes place at the HippodromeParis Longchamp, 75016 PARIS.
Here's how to get there.


To reach the festival entrance, follow the ROSE signs.

If you have an ACCESS A ticket, use the following stations:

Paris Porte d'Auteuil M10
Michel Ange - Auteuil
Michel-Ange Molitor M9
Boulogne Jean Jaurès M10

You can then get to the Festival:

ON FOOT, the shortest distances are a 15-minute walk from the Porte d'Auteuil and Boulogne Jean Jaurès Metro stations.

Or BY SHUTTLE, a shuttle service will serve the Festival from the Place de la Porte d'Auteuil, served by metro line 9 (Michel-Ange Auteuil and Michel-Ange Molitor), and line 10 (Michel-Ange Auteuil and Michel-AngeMolitor, Porte d'Auteuil)

*GPS point for the Porte d'Auteuil shuttles: 48.848395,2.257229

If you have an ACCESS B ticket, use the following stations:

Suresnes Tramway T2
Pont de Neuilly M1

You can then get to the festival:

BY FOOT, about 20mn from Suresnes Tramway T2 and 40mn from Pont de Neuilly M1.

Or BY SHUTTLE, Pont de Neuilly Station served by the M1 metro line, then go to Rond-Point de la Porte de Madrid for the Shuttle departure.

*PointGPS of the Porte de Madrid shuttles: 48.873804,2.255209

Shuttle schedules
The service is set up 1 hour before the Festival doors open and will end around 2 hours after the last concert.

- Friday, July 21: from 14:00 to 01:30
- Saturday, July 22: from 13:30 to 02:00
- Sunday, July 23: from 12:30 to 01:30

If you have a LOLLA VIP ticket or if you are PMR / PSH

Metro line 1 Station Pont de Neuilly
, a shuttle* departing from Porte de Madrid will take you to the festival. The same shuttle will take you back to Porte de Madrid after the concerts.

Metro stations serving the Festival are not necessarily equipped for all disabilities. The shuttles serve the General Public entrance and not the specific PMR /PSH entrance.

More information here on the different public transport options for Accès B tickets:


The shuttles start 1 hour before the opening of the Festival gates and stop 1h30 after the end of the last concert!


Shuttle departures Porte Auteuil / Porte de Madrid
Friday, July 21: 14:00
Saturday, July 22: 13:30
Sunday, July 23: 12:30

Shuttle services end

Friday July 21: 01:30
Saturday July 22: 02:00
Sunday July 23: 01:30

Shuttle frequency on the Auteuil side every 5 to 7 minutes.
Shuttle frequency on the Neuilly side every 8 to 10 minutes.

Friday shuttle rotation between 5pm and 9pm may be slowed down due to heavy traffic in the area (weekend or vacation departures).


A guarded bike park has been set up by Cyclope, to welcome you with your personal bike, simply reserve on the website

*The GPS point of this parking lot is 48.863480, 2.236979

Lime is a partner of Lollapalooza and offers a bike service on the site, if you come to the site with a Lime bike it will be picked up on your arrival at the following GPS point:

Vélib' stations are also available:
ParisStation Vélib' 16122 (Route de la Muette - Porte de Neuilly)
Station Vélib' 22007 (Commandant Charcot - Bretteville)
Station Vélib' 16124 (Route de Sèvres - Porte de Bagatelle)
Station Vélib' 16140 (Hippodrome de Longchamp)
Station Vélib' 16034 (Porte d'Auteuil)
Station Vélib' 16036 (Porte Molitor) Boulogne Billancourt
Station Vélib' 21001 (Transvaal - Charles de Gaulle)
Station Vélib' 21003 (Jean Jaurès - Jean Baptiste Clément)
Station Vélib' 21002 (Place Denfert-Rochereau)



Take advantage of supervised bike and scooter parking!

The Cyclope team welcomes you and keeps an eye on your bike during the event!

Limited number of places, please book in advance here:


Lime is the world leader in self-service electric scooters and bikes, deploying over 250,000 bikes and scooters every day in more than 250 cities worldwide.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to ride your Lime bike directly to the festival site, and leave without a hitch at the end of the festivities.  

A giant parking lot will be set up at the entrance for easy access and parking nearby.
To access the Lime parking lot, click here.

On the way there and on the way back, you'll finally have the chance to avoid waiting and traffic jams, and the opportunity to choose a low-carbon mode of transport synonymous with freedom.


- There is no parking!

- We therefore advise you to approach the racecourse by "carpool" and finish the journey on foot, or to approach the shuttle departures.

- Parking within the perimeter of the racecourse is forbidden and subject to fines.


- 2 motorized 2-wheeler parking lots are declared on site at the following GPS points:

ACCESS A side: 48.850708, 2.236583

ACCESS B side: 48.866494, 2.241466

All other "illegal" parking may be subject to fines.


TO LEAVE the Hippodrome, follow the white signposts with destinations and metro or bus line numbers.

To leave the Hippodrome, take one of the three visible public exits marked in yellow:

- Exit 1 goes to Pont de Neuilly and Suresnes;

- Exit 2 goes to Paris Porte d'Auteuil and Boulogne
(items left in lockers* must be collected at gate 2);

- Exit 3 goes to Paris Porte d'Auteuil and Boulogne and will only operate from 10:30 pm
(no possibility of going to the lockers*).

If you have a consigne item, exit 2 is mandatory.

Even if you're heading for Neuilly Suresnes, take exit 2, then follow a corridor in the right direction to exit 1.

Please note that exit 3 does not take you to the lockers!

White signposted "return" pedestrian routes are signposted.

SHUTTLES to Metro stations on the 2 scheduled lines run every 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the route.

Shuttle departures are located at the same points as arrivals: 48.848735,2.242516 

- Take EXIT 1 for Pont de Neuilly, departing from Allée de Longchamp next to the Grande Cascade restaurant.

*GPS point of the shuttles at Allée de Longchamp: 48.863923, 2.240858 

The shuttles will be operational from 9:30 pm to a maximum of 1:30-2:00 am.   

Check timetables and route information at or on the RATP App.


M9 Michel Ange Auteuil closes Friday Saturday 01:35, Sunday 00:35

M10 Boulogne Jean Jaurès closes Friday Saturday at 01:45, Sunday at 00:45

T2 Suresnes closes Friday Saturday at 01:45, Sunday at 00:45


BUS 32 52 88 123 241 244 run until 00:30 a.m.

Noctiliens buses - N53, N11, N24, N153, N12, N61 - run from 0:30 a.m. until the morning, with departures every 30 minutes.


Cabs and VTCs have a drop-off and pick-up point close to the Festival at the following GPS point: 48.864548, 2.240026

Since it's hard to get a taxi late at night, we recommend you approach Porte d'Auteuil, Porte de St Cloud or Boulogne-Billancourt to see cabs arriving late.



The festival is a general public event, open to all ages, but children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult.

HOWEVER, for auditory health reasons, children under 10 years of age who are not equipped with appropriate hearing protection are not recommended to enter.

However, if you decide to bring a child under 10 years of age without appropriate hearing protection, the festival and the organizer will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise as a result of the event.


For everyone's safety, a restricted list of items is allowed on site.

Please refer to the list below to make sure you are not caught off guard.

For everyone's safety, a limited list of items is allowed on site. Please refer to the list below to make sure you are not caught off guard.

Authorized items

- Simple compact and disposable cameras
- Sandwiches
- Non-pointed retractable umbrellas
- Blankets and plastic bags
- Sunscreen in tube, sunglasses
- Small bags and backpacks
- Empty reusable bottles* without caps (not metal or aluminium)
- Plastic water bottles* without caps

*For security reasons, water bottles must be empty but can be refilled at the many drinking water points of the festival.


For everyone's safety, some items are not allowed on the site. Please refer to the list below to make sure you are not caught off guard.

Unauthorized items

- Glass or metal bottles, corked bottles, metal cans, cups
- Weapons, explosive, flammable or volatile substances
- Pyrotechnics, candles
- Sharp, pointed or blunt objects, penknives and knives
- Objects likely to be used as projectiles
- Audiovisual equipment (professional cameras, DAT or MD recorders)
- Folding chairs, large rucksacks, tents and all camping equipment, bowls and water bottles
- Flagpoles, parasols, non-retractable umbrellas with tips
- Bicycle pumps and repair equipment, motorcycle helmets
- Signs or banners of a political, ideological, religious or advertising nature
- Aerosols, including sun cream and misters
- Heavy or bulky portable batteries


Because your safety is a priority, the security devices and teams for the festival will be commensurate with such an event so that you can spend days in peace.

Of course, and we are sure you will understand, it is impossible for us to detail all the measures taken because some of them must remain confidential.
Nevertheless, here are some tips to follow:

A systematic and compulsory search will be performed before you enter the Racecourse. Palpation and bag control will be carried out in the filtering perimeters.
Any person who refuses these procedures will be denied access to the festival, without the possibility of a refund.
Do not hesitate to report any suspicious element or behavior to the numerous security agents, police officers or festival staff.

As the procedures for accessing the Hippodrome can take some time, we advise you to anticipate your arrival on site.
Also, if possible, buy your tickets in advance to avoid crowding at the outside ticket booths.

Avoid coming with large bags or suitcases to facilitate and speed up the controls.
Any object considered dangerous will be confiscated before entry by our security teams.


A prevention stand will welcome you during the whole festival. You will be able to find sunscreen, earplugs, breathalysers, etc. (see location on the festival map).

Lolla Paris is committed to the fight against sexist and sexual violence, the device set up on this subject for the 2023 edition will be communicated to you soon.

information Point

A team trained for any questioning on the spot will be present at the information point (see location on the festival map).


If you find an object or wish to recover a lost object during the festival, go to the info point in the festival or to the lockers at the entrances if you are outside the festival.

After the festival, a form will be sent to you so that you can recover your lost object. At the end of August, the objects will be given to the lost and found of the City of Paris?


Lockers will be available on site to leave your personal belongings.
(see location on the festival map)


Rent your external battery at Chimpy!
(see location on the festival map)


Because music is universal, Lollapalooza Paris makes it a point of honor to optimize the conditions of reception of the Persons in Situation of Handicap.

In order to optimize these conditions, you must buy your ticket as well as your companion on the Festival's dedicated ticketing service.

In order to prepare your visit to Lolla Paris, please write to:
from January 30th until July 19th.

Mails will be processed from March 6, 2023 to July 19, 2023


As our capacity for parking and for the platform is limited, these services cannot be offered to you if the capacity is reached.

Only 1 accompanying person per person will be allowed  

1 ticket = 1 person

Programmation en cours