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  • Thank you for your interest in Lollapalooza Paris 2019, taking place July 20-21, Hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris, France.

    For any PRESS or PHOTO accreditation request, please read the information below and click on "Next" to access the official application form. Please note that this is only a request and can be refused. Each request is individual. Each person in your medium must make his / her own request. Please note that no requests are made by email.

    APPLICATIONS FOR ACCREDITATION MUST BE SENT BEFORE JULY 19, 2019. We will not consider requests sent in the future. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    In order to be taken into account for PRESS and PHOTO accreditations, you MUST BE RELEASED to a media.

    Please note: PRESS accreditations give access to the festival and the press area. The PHOTO accreditations give access to the festival, the press area and the photo pit, at the discretion of Lollapalooza Paris and the groups.


    Please be as specific as possible in your festival coverage plan and in your desired live broadcast requests.


    WEB SITES / BLOGS: Please send us as much information as possible about your platform and your media coverage plan.

    PRESS: Each journalist must be attached to a media that we will contact for confirmation after receiving your request.


    AFFILIATED PHOTOGRAPHS: Every photographer wishing to apply for a photo accreditation must be affiliated with a media. We will only accredit photographers with professional cameras (SLR / SLR, detachable lenses). Compact cameras will not be allowed in the photo pit, enhanced by security.

    PHOTOGRAPHS RADIO / WEBSITES: Photo accreditations for radio and websites are limited.


    Video cameras are allowed in a limited number and you must have direct authorization from the Lollapalooza Paris promo team before the festival. For those whose application is approved, the use of a video camera is limited to the press area and the festival site, with the support of a member of the festival. Requests for support must be made upstream.

    Any request will follow a confirmation or a refusal.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and for your interest in the festival!