lolla planète

As for any big gathering, the impact of the festival on the environment and on the society is a major stake.
Energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, inclusion, safe place: the problems linked to sustainable development directly affect the event and its festival-goers. In order to raise public awareness about these issues as well as about environmental and social issues in general, Lolla Planète is open to everyone during the whole Festival. Lolla Planète is a space dedicated to sustainable development and to raising awareness about environmental and social issues, where everyone can discover and experiment possible actions and projects to design a daily life that is more respectful of nature and its occupants, and a daily life that is more humanistic and inclusive of society in general.

This year Lolla Planet honors the work of La Cloche.
La Cloche is an association that acts against the exclusion of people in precarious situations by giving each person the opportunity to create a social link, so that everyone can blossom freely and be actors of a more inclusive society. We will give you the opportunity to learn more about the way the association works and to come and lend a hand if you wish... We will tell you more very soon, stay tuned!

You already want to help the Cloche and you don't have your ticket for Lolla Paris 2023 yet?

You can make a donation to the association in one click when you buy your ticket for the festival!

Meet at Lolla Planet:
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