At Lollapalooza Paris we don't mess around with gastronomy!
Since 2017, Jean Imbert has been serving up gustatory treats to festival-goers at a price that couldn't be easier to digest, so it's only natural that the godfather of Lolla Chef - now in charge of the kitchens at the Plaza Athénée and who was awarded his first star in the Michelin Guide last year - is back on duty!

For the fifth edition of the festival, he will be surrounded by an equally tasty line-up of chefs ready to treat you, including Cédric Grolet...
A mouthwatering first name!

Jean Imbert's interview

What is the ultimate artist you would like to see at Lollapalooza?
It would be a great pleasure to see Damso on stage, whom I have the chance to know personally. It's always a pleasure to listen to his songs and to see him perform, and at Lolla he can do very well!

What is the link for you between music and food?
The creation, the way to have content and container: staging a restaurant, a show, and the quality of the texts, the products.

Obviously, sharing with the public: these are professions in which you give yourself over and expect reactions.

For you it's more Leto's Macaroni or Snoop Dogg's Hot wings ?
Snoop Dogg!

Any clue as to what your dish will be this summer?
I don't know yet, but I've been wanting to make crêpes at Lolla for a long time.

Will we see you on stage one day ?
And why?

I once sat on the edge of a stage at a Jay-Z concert in Brooklyn on the 4:44 tour. I think that was my high point so I'll stop there...

You who put forward the seasonal products, the health for the planet, what would be your tips for an ideal festival?
To use as much as possible local and seasonal products, and reusable dishes.
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